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    Rules & Policies

WCGC Rules and Policies 

Dress Code

  • Must wear a shirt with sleeves(Men only)
  • No Swimwear
  • No Cycling/track shorts
  • No Short shorts or cutoffs 
  • No Flip Flops
  • No Clothing with inappropriate wording

Group Pairings

The Winkler Centennial Golf Course has the right to match any number of golfers with less than four with other players to form a foursome. 

Inclement Weather

When golfing and inclement weather is in the area, play will be suspended if deemed unsafe. This will be singled by ONE loud horn sound. At this time, please stop golfing and seek shelter immediately. Play will resume when there has been no thunder or lightning for at least 25 minutes. When play is safe to resume, TWO loud horn sounds will be heard, which at this time you may resume. 

Pace of Play

Winkler Centennial Golf club is committed to making sure your round of 18 holes does not exceed 4:10 minutes. Groups failing to remain within a hole of the group in front of them will be given a warning from the course marshall. If any groups fail to close the gap after receiving a warning they will be asked to pick up their ball and proceed to the next tee. 


The Winkler Centennial Golf Club has a NO fivesome policy on Weekends and Holidays. Fivesomes may be allowed on Weekdays under certain circumstances. Fivesomes must be approved by the Club Manager while booking your tee time. 

Alcohol Policy

Any golfer that brings outside alcohol on to the premises will have the alcohol confiscated immediately. Under certain circumstances they will be asked to leave the property with no refund.