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    Men's League

Welcome to the Winkler Golf Course Men's League. A tradition that has with stood the test of time. A tradition built on sportsmanship, competiveness and friendships. The Winkler Men's League has grown in massive proportions the past few years. This growth would stop as the league reached capacity in 2011, and has held that capacity through 2019.


Men's League uses a four-ball match system. Each hole is worth one point, and the team that wins the match gets a bonus point; making each match a total of 10 points. Each team will use their better score on each hole. (Ex. one person makes a 4 and the other makes a 6, the 4 will count as the teams score.) Keep in mind that the lowest NET score per hole will be the one counted. If your team makes a score of net 4 on a hole, and the opponent makes a net score of 5 on the same hole, your team will be awarded one point on the hole. A tie on any hole results in both teams being awarded half a point. (Side Note: If your teammate has already putted in the hole for a net score of 4 and you have a putt remaining for a net score of 5, you must pick up your ball and record a 5 on the hole. This helps with speed of play, because your lowest possible score of net 5 will not be used anyways.) You are allowed to take an 'X' on the hole at any point. (Ex. If your partner smokes a drive down the middle and you hit 2 balls out of bounds, you are allowed to take an X on the hole and wait till the next hole to play) The handicap system takes your three best men's league scores out of your last 6 rounds. For all the new guys in league your handicap will adjust every league night based on what you shot until you get 6 rounds under your belt.

***All make up matches need to be played within two weeks of the original scheduled date. Any matches that are not made up within the two week period will result in each team splitting the match 3 points to 3 points. The regular season is 13 weeks long. At the end of the regular season both the Wednesday and Thursday Night Men's League is combined for the playoffs. The top 20 teams from each division plus 4 wildcard teams make the playoffs. The playoff system is single elimination till a winner is determined. Handicaps are locked in for playoffs. During the regular season, subs are allowed. If the sub is not a member of the golf course, they will have a greens fee for nine holes. Subs are not allowed during the playoffs. For the Hole In One Rules: The first person to get a Hole In One during regular play of men's league is awarded the Hole In One pot. If two guys get a Hole In One on the same night the pot will be split. If a player gets a Hole In One on a Wednesday and a Thursday of the same week the Hole In One pot is split. Any make up matches do not count towards the Hole In One pot. No subs can win the Hole-In-One pot.

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